In Persian literature, “Majnoon” is a character often linked with madness and fervent love. The term “Majnoon” translates to “crazy” or “possessed” in Arabic. The most well-known narrative featuring Majnoon is the classical Persian story of “Layla and Majnoon” (or “Laila and Majnun”).

In this tragic love tale, Majnoon, also known as Qays, becomes deeply enamored with Layla. However, their love faces societal restrictions, leading Qays to become obsessed and earn the moniker “Majnoon.” Despite their intense love, societal and familial pressures prevent them from being together. The story delves into themes of unattainable love, societal expectations, and the anguish of separation.

The Layla and Majnoon narrative has been a prominent motif in Persian and Arabic literature, as well as in various artistic expressions, illustrating the enduring impact of tragic romance in Persian literary heritage.

Regarding this song, it is a Persian folk music piece arranged by Behzad Ansari and performed by members of the Avaye Rood band. The performers include:

Behzad Ansari: Barbat (oud)

Marjan Kandi: Vocal

Martin Harris: Vocal and Strumstick

Pegah Kheirdoush: Kamancheh

Mark Szeto: Double bass

Preetam Telugu: Drums

Reza Mamati: Percussion

The cover art is designed by Housemartin Design;